We do not accept reservations. Everyone is treated on a first come, first serve basis. Large parties can call about renting one of the banquet rooms.


We have three room options for our guest who are looking to hold a private event. We have a small banquet room located on the first level of the restaurant that holds up to 25 guests. This room has two private doors, one leading to the parking lot for easy access and one that opens to the front patio. Our second option for a larger event is our upstairs room that holds up to 45 guests. This room is located on the second floor of the restaurant with stair only access. We have two nano doors in this room, one that opens completely to seating on the patio, looking out over our 100-year-old oak tree. The other one opens to look out over the bar and restaurant dining room. Both doors can be open or closed during your event. Our biggest option for private events is our back patio that wraps around our famous oak tree, lite up with beautiful lights, a private bar if desired and fresh southern air. The patio holds up to 100 people, if you have more guest, adjustments can be made.


All food and beverages must be purchased and prepared by The Francis Southern Table. There can be exceptions for special desserts brought in for special events. If you plan on bringing your own dessert, please make us aware beforehand so we can set up accordingly. We have a banquet menu that is on our website, that will provide you with food options for your event. To ensure we have everything you need, we ask that you pick 4-5 food options from the online menu before the event date. This decrease the menu size ensuring faster ticket times and guaranteeing a smooth, unforgettable event.


All rental fees must be paid prior to booking your event. Your rental fee does not go towards food, beverage, tip or tax on the day of your event. It only ensures the room is yours on the time and date of the event. Rental fees made are non-cash refundable. If you must cancel your event, your fee can be applied to a Francis Southern Table gift card for later use.The room minimum must be met for both the upstairs room and the patio. Food, beverages, and tax are all included in the minimum amount. Gratuity must be on top. We do offer white linens for $20 a linen that can also go towards your minimum amount. If you do not meet the minimum that is required for your event, you can put the remaining balance on Francis Southern Table gift cards to be used on later dates.Our small banquet room on the first floor of the restaurant has a rental fee of $75 Monday through Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the rental fee is $175. There is no minimum ticket amount you will have to meet when you rent this room.The upstairs dining area has a rental fee of $500. The minimum ticket amount Monday through Thursday that must be met is $1,500. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the minimum is $2,000.The back patio also has a $500 rental fee. The patio has a minimum ticket amount required of $3,500 every day of the week.


To ensure quality service for you and your guest, all food and beverage must be on one tab and final payment must be paid in full with no more than four combinations of cash/credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.There is a 20% gratuity that is added automatically to your final bill in all banquet rooms.


There is a 3-hour rental time on both the downstairs banquet room and the upstairs room. The patio has a 4-hour rental time due to the number of people it holds. If you are running late, we ask that you call ahead of time to speak with the manager on duty. Your rental time starts from the time you are supposed to arrive, not from the time you get here. This policy simply allows us to possibly book other banquets on the same day either before or after your event.If you have decorations for your event, we ask that you let our Casey know ahead of time so we can adjust our seating accordingly. We allow you to start decorating up to one hour prior to your event start time. Please feel free to consult with Casey or another manager if your decorations will need to be done sooner or take longer than that hour.


The guest who supplies the rental fee is responsible for any unusual damage to the banquet room or its contents.

Please contact Casey Sanders for any questions you may have or additional information on any of our services. 225-939-4163.